Today’s work-party was divided between two locations. One group set up shop in the Co-Op in Clydach where a magnificent £92 was raised from the sale of bric-a-brac. Very many thanks are due to Gill, Ronnie and Sue – and profound apologies for failing to take any photos. The second group assembled at Trebanos Locks where bank was repaired, weed was pulled and JAD lost himself in the woods! We also welcomed the gang from Whitethorns and David Morgan from the Canal and River Trust.

(1) Bagging: The first task was to retrieve stone dust and sand left over from previous work and to tidy up the ton bags. Next, concrete was mixed, bags were filled and taken to the work site where they were carefully laid in place.

 Bags 4  Bags 6
 Bags 13  Bags 7
 Bags 9  Bags 11

(2) Cutting brash: In preparation for the dredging that is due to start next Monday, 11th November, JAD crossed the cut, getting two wellies-full for his pains, and cut back much of the overhanging brash to allow clear access for the dredger. Can you spot him?

 JAD 2  JAD 1

(3) Pulling weed: Bryan and David got to work with this vital but never-ending task once again, although it appears to have been rather too much for one of them!

 Weed 1  Weed 3

(4) Time for tea and cake. Our occasional baker, Margaret, provided her famous gingerbread and David joined us for a very pleasant chat.

 Tea 3  Tea 5

Around tea-time, our dedicated team of litter pickers from Whitethorns passed through. It was a pleasure to see them, as usual. Their weekly litter picking certainly helps to keep the whole canal looking clean and tidy. The lovely photos along the canal were taken by them as they walked up from Coed Gwilym Park.

 W 5  W 6
 W 1  W 2
 W 3  W 4

Another productive day in fine weather, other than for a couple of showers. The last photo shows Blue, a Malamute well known to Anna & Cerys, enjoying a stroll along the towpath. Well done everyone.