Today was cold but bright – a lovely day for working on the cut. The volunteers assembled at Trebanos Locks to reinforce another stretch of the bank and at Coed Gwilym Park where refurbishment of the railings continued. At the same time, the dredging continued at the bridge in Coed Gwilym Park – this features in a second blog.

At Trebanos, the usual suspects mixed concrete, filled the hessian sacks, transported them to the work site and carefully laid them in place. It’s a well-oiled machine!

 Bag8  Bag1
 Bag3  Bag6

There is always more weed to pull.


In the park, the railings were scrapped and sanded in preparation for painting.

 Rail4  Rail3

As usual, John patrolled the towpath with litter picker in hand.

John and Gordon tried out a different outboard motor on our sturdy boat, but the sludge proved too much for the water cooling.


Time for tea and cake.

Craft items were on sale. Over the last couple of weeks, the crafty crafters have raised an amazing £313.


Another busy day in very pleasant weather. Thanks and congratulations to everyone.