The volunteers assembled at the Ynysmeudwy Locks and decided that, as bad weather was forecast, to abandon all hope of wall repairs and pointing. Rather, they concentrated on removing weed and silt from the pound between the locks. Gordon rigged his Mark 2 dredger operated by a system of pulleys driven by man-power and soon we were hard at it. Mike and Dom on the towpath side lined up the bucket and the team on the opposite bank pulled like fury to drag the silt out of the pound and on to the bank. Very hard graft but well worth the effort as judged by the huge pile of silt at the end of the day.

 Dredge5  Dredge6
 Dredge7  Dredge8
 Dredge3  Dredge1

At the same time, a second team armed with drag forks pulled out yet more weed and muck.


Tea was taken in a very hard shower, as evidenced by the drops on the camera lens.

 Tea1  Tea2

Disaster struck as we prepared to leave – Gordon’s van got stuck in the mud.

Andy: “Hey Gordon. Do you know your van is on my foot?”

Gordon: “You hum it and I’ll play it”.

Other than the shower at break time, the weather was reasonably kind to us but nevertheless we all ended up caked in mud. Dirty work, but somebody’s got to do it!