Half of our Tuesday volunteers forsook the towpath for the Swansea suburb of Townhill today. We became a garden clearance team on behalf of a gentleman with Asperger’s who, after the death of his parents, is finding it difficult to control the bramble and weeds in his garden. We joined forces with the Flexible Support Unit Officers in Swansea and Whitethorns Day Care Centre staff and clients to tidy the garden. Around 20 bags of recyclable green waste were collected and we were very grateful to the Swansea Highways Department for emptying not just these, but also removing the black bags of non-recyclable rubbish. It was a fabulous team effort and we hope that our work has helped the tenant make his garden a place that he will be happy to be in. This pair of photos show “before” and “after” the gardening blitz.

 Before  After

And here are a few shots of the team in action:

 T1  T4
 T2  T3
 P6  P17

This is what it was all about – bags awaiting collection:

 P10  P11

Thanks to everyone who made it such a good time. Thanks Dave for the crisps etc. and to Ronnie and Mike for the drinks and cakes. Thanks to Lee, Paul and Scott from Whitethorns Day Care Centre who worked so hard and Dave whose kind words and assistance was so much appreciated. Also thanks to Terry for putting up with his house being taken over by workmen, and to the Highways men for taking all the rubbish away.

We all hope Terry will be able to stay in his own home. Fingers crossed.