The second, smaller group of volunteers stayed in the Hidden Lock site to start on constructing a new crossing of the temporary by-wash. This is needed to provide safer, sturdier, easier vehicular access to the far side of the site. The first phase is to reinforce the by-wash with a concrete base and block walls.

Concrete was mixed and carefully laid in the bottom of the by-wash. An impermeable rubber membrane was added to both ends of the slab. Before the concrete had a chance to harden, the first row of concrete blocks was set into the slab. The wall will be completed at a later date, followed by the bridge itself.

 A2  A3
 A6  A7
 A9  A10
 A11  Finished

And finally, Yun Yun and Gordon made sure everyone was in the festive spirit!


Hard work for the small but perfectly formed group, but a job well done. Special thanks to Annette for providing a cake for the first time.