Today’s forecast was for continuous rain so we abandoned plans to continue with bank reinforcement at Trebanos. Instead, we assembled in the Hidden Lock site and busied ourselves with a variety of tasks.

In contrast to the dire forecast, the first part of the morning was fairly dry so we built the block wall on the slab laid last week in the by-wash. Despite his best endeavours, Gordon had few takers!

 Block4  Block1
 Block5  Block2
 Block7  Block9

The second group retrieved more shelving from the gloom and transported everything back to the site office. It needs to be cut to size before it can be erected.

 Shelf7  Shelf6
 Shelf9  Shelf11
 Shelf8  Shelf19

Some wooden shelves were recycled into the tool store.

 WoodShelf1  WoodShelf2

Time to tidy up the garden.

 Garden1  Garden2

One of our signs now proudly advertises our presence in the lock site.

Time for tea. Fancy dress was the order of the day as Annette and Gill filmed a Christmas message for our friends and supporters. These three clips show the team enjoying tea and cake [Mike’s surprise present is actually a bottle of detergent for his hi-vis jacket], followed by the massed chorus and finally a rough version of the Christmas message captured by Paul on his trusty phone.

 Tea4  Tea5
 Tea7  Tea9