Delayed delivery of building materials to Trebanos meant that we had to postpone repairs to the canal bank. Instead we gathered at the Hidden Lock site and continued with several vital tasks.

First of these was to finish the repositioning of the bridge across the by-wash. Concrete was mixed, stones were cut and transported to the concrete and blockwork laid last week and then the stones were carefully laid in place. A very professional and pretty job well done.

 Mix2  Mix3
 Stones2  Stones3
 Bridge11  Bridge17
 Bridge20  Bridge21

Next the girders were reclaimed from the original, temporary bridge. They were cut in half and then laid across the new crossing. The heavy duty panels were secured on top of the girders and cemented in place. We now have a safe and strong crossing ready for the heaviest of plant.

 Cut1  Cut2
 Bridge2  Bridge12
 Bridge13  Bridge16

The second task was to widen the gate between St. Benedict’s Church and the site, as the current arrangement had proved a little tight for lorries. Gordon removed one gate, cut back the pillar, reinstated the gate and widened it to fill the gap. Another mission accomplished in record time.

 Gate1  Gate6
 Gate12  Gate16
 Gate8  Gate2

Martin busied himself with taking cuttings of willow and general weeding. His release date is imminent.

 Martin1  Martin3

John and Mike, our regular litter pickers were on parade as usual.

 Litter John  Litter Mike

Tea time in the Site Office gave John the opportunity to collect signatures from volunteers in order to make a formal record of hours worked on tasks associated with the dredging. These hours will be used as “donation in kind” to support the RCDF grant funding. Then time for tea.

 Tea1  Tea4

One final task was to drain our work boat. Your blogger is no seaman, but he reckons that the water usualy goes on the outside of the boat rather than the inside.


And finally, a couple of short video clips to finish of another busy day. That’s it for the regular work parties in 2019, although some of us will be working on Thursday as BBC Wales film the dredging in action. Regular work parties resume on 7th January 2020.