On 19th December the rain held off long enough for a visit to the Swansea Canal by BBC TV Cymru to report on the dredging of the section between Coed Gwilym Park, Clydach, and Trebanos. The team filmed the amphibious excavator in action and large quantities of silt being transported down the canal in open barges for off-loading to road transport for controlled disposal. Presenter David Grundy spoke to Society volunteer Gareth Richards and Heritage Centre volunteer Rhian Evans about funding of the work, current and future plans for regeneration of the canal and ongoing benefits to the local area and community. Other volunteers were busy erecting safety fencing around a drain sluice and the morning concluded with tea and cakes in the Clydach Heritage Centre as the rain came down.

Here we see the TV crew in action:


And the volunteers hard at it as usual:

 BBC17  BBC15

A few photos of the dredging in action:

 BBC19  BBC21
 BBC22  BBC23

And finally, time for tea and cake. We are indebted to the Clydach Heritage Centre for opening for us – a very welcome shelter from the storm.


The programme will be aired on BBC TV Cymru news programme “Newyddion” on Sunday 29th December and follows on from previous showcases of our restoration activities on Coast and Country and recently on Gareth Edwards’ “Gareth’s Grand Tour” series.

And finally, thanks to Gareth and Rhian for agreeing to be interviewed, to Paul and Yun Yun for providing the photos and to Alan for writing the blog.