A mild, fairly bright day greeted the first work party of 2020 to Trebanos Locks where the order of the day was to continue with bank reinforcement. As usual, concrete was mixed then bags were filled, barrowed to the work site and laid carefully in place as shown in this series of photos. The last one seems to be “Look busy, the boss is coming.”! In fact, well over 100 bags were laid so when Gordon returned later in the day he was extremely impressed by what had been achieved, so much so that he wishes to thank warmly all those involved.

 Mix4  Mix5
 Mix10  Mix8
 Barrow4  Barrow2
 Lay9  Lay3
 Lay5  Lay2

Eventually, it was time for a hot drink, delicious cake and the opportunity to chat.

 Tea5  Tea6

But the main excitement of the day was what we saw when we arrived on site – the dredger stranded on the bank below Trebanos Lower Lock. Apparently, there had been some leak in the hydraulic system. The fault was fixed fairly quickly enabling the dredger to return to the canal and pass the bag layers before disappearing back to whence it came. The videos show the trundle along the road and a very gentle return to the water. The expertise of the driver is truly amazing.

 Dredge2  Mend1
 Mend3  Dredge10
 Barrow + Dredge  Dredge12