Today was very cold but bright and as the sun shone and the hard work started, we all quickly warmed up. The “Access For Everyone” group continued to clear the CRT store in Hebron Road. Here Gill is tidying up the front yard.

 Hebron Road 1  Hebron Road 2

The main group assembled at Trebanos Locks to repair more of the bank south of the locks. Kenny looks well prepared in his waders.

 Mix 2  Mix 3
 Lay Bags 2  Lay Bags 3

Unfortunately, we quickly ran out of bags, so Gareth the Younger used up the excess concrete by filling potholes.

 Holes 2  Holes 1

Time for tea and cake, and the opportunity to bid farewell to Kevin who is retiring after 37 years with CRT. He will be sorely missed but we are in the safe hands of Hannah, his replacement.

 Tea 1
 Kevin 1  Tea 2
 First Aid 2

We are in even safer hands now that Paul, our first-aider, has a lovely new portable first aid kit.

After tea, attention turned to clearing overhanging branches from the off-bank to make way for the dredger. The Heath Robinson motorisation made removing the cuttings a breeze!

 Branches 2  Branches 6
 Branches 13  Branches 8
 Branches 3  Branches 5

And the dredging continues. Not far to go now!

 Dredge 1

The glorious sunshine today made working an absolute pleasure. Despite the lack of sandbags, we achieved a great deal and had fun too.