On a bright but chilly day, the volunteers assembled at Trebanos Locks only to be confronted by a very disappointing sight. Regrettably, the dredging had dislodged the new wall that had been laid over the last few months. The cause seems to have been that some of the sandbags were laid on an unstable base rather than on the very solid remnants of the original wall.

 Collapse 1  Collapse 2
 Dredge 2  Dredge 5

Nothing will stop the valiant volunteers so we spent some time excavating back to the original wall.

 Find Wall 1  Find Wall 7

Having revealed a firm foundation, we mixed concrete and filled bags as usual before setting them carefully in place. Let’s hope that this stretch of wall survives.

 Mix 2  Mix 3
 Lay Bags 3  Lay Bags 4

On a brighter note, the “Access For All” team cleared the ground around the Hebron Road store. Doesn’t it look fantastic now?

 HR 5  HR 2
 HR 4  HR 1

Time for tea.

 Tea 2

And finally, a couple of ways of collecting rubbish.

 John  Gone Fishing

In summary, the day started disappointingly but ended on a positive note – a section of wall reinstated on firm foundations and a fantastic clear-up at Hebron Road.