A chilly but bright day saw the volunteers assemble at Trebanos Locks to continue with rebuilding the canal wall. We were very pleased to find signage describing the dredging project and the hopes and aspirations of Swansea Canal Society. And bilingual too!

 Info Panel 2
 Mix 2  Mix 3
 Barrow 1

The preparation of the bags continued as usual. Kenny found a different section of the original wall but it was quickly clear that it was covered by too great a depth of water. Clearly it was unsafe to proceed.

 Lay Bags 1  Lay Bags 6

So it was decided to go back to the section that was laid last week and to increase it in height a little. This proved to be much more successful.

 Lay Bags 4  Lay Bags 5

Time for tea. Much to our surprise and delight, we were joined by the fantastic volunteers from Whitethorns Intensive Day Service.

 Tea 1  Tea 6

After tea, Gordon waded across the canal and cut down trees and branches that were obstructing progress of the dredger. The debris was dragged across, cut into manageable pieces and taken away to a safe storage area.

 Trees 1  Trees 4
 Trees 10  Trees 12
 Trees 14  Trees 6

Martin and David arranged the cut logs to form a low-level bug hotel.

Emma Metson, one of our friends and followers wrote: 

Firstly, thank you for the amazing work you are all doing! I enjoyed reading through all the tasks and looking at all the photos.

You mention that you built a low level “bug hotel” which is great! It’s also an area of gardening I’m really passionate about. I wrote a “how to” blog post explaining how people can build their very own bug hotel:


 Bug Hotel 1
 Paul 1

Paul ensured that we were safe at all times.

Yun Yun took these photos of an early spring along the canal bank.

 Bankside 2  Bankside 1

The dredging continued all morning, under the supervision of Bryan, Kenny and Cerys.

 Dredge 1  Dredge 6
 Dredge 3  Dredge 8

And finally, competition time. Can you see who is moving stealthily through the undergrowth on the off-bank?

 Trees 2
 Trees 3

Yes, it is our leader and inspiration, Gordon.

Perhaps we did not progress the wall building as much as we had hoped, but great work was done in clearing the overhanging branches. Well done everyone.