Storm Ciara had passed through Swansea so we were able to set to alongside the Golf Club next to Coed Gwilym Park in Clydach. The big job for the day was to continue with wall repairs, but first the earth covering the original wall had to be removed to make a firm foundation. As usual, the routine was mix / transport / dig / lay. Over 100 bags were laid today – a magnificent effort.

 Mix 2  Barrow 1
 Wall 16  Wall 20
 Wall 9  Wall 14
 Wall 2

The final task was to remove the spoil and use it to back-fill against the wall laid some weeks ago.

Time for a well-earned tea break. Lilith joined in! We hope she approves of what we are doing.

 Tea 2
 Tea 4  Lileth 5

The dredging continued as we worked. Nearly done – maybe another ten days

 Dredge 2
 Bottles 1

Clive Reed has generously donated several 1920 – 1930 bottles that are now on display in the Site Office.

And finally, most of today’s photos were taken by Paul, so here is a selfie!