Storm Dennis was still rumbling around so we decided that due to the threat of yet more rain it was unwise to embark on wall repairs as originally intended. So we decided to undertake various important tasks around Coed Gwilym Park and in the Hidden Lock site.

Annette and Ronnie worked on a prototype aid for allowing access to canoes for the less able-bodied water babies. There is a bit of fine tuning to be done but the “proof of principle” worked well (despite the guinea pig looking terminally anxious). Luckily, Anna was standing by in case of an emergency.

 AFA 1  AFA 2
 AFA 4  AFA 6

The Bridgend Ramblers looked on as they prepared themselves for a walk southwards along the canal.

 Bridgend Ramblers

Martin and Peter headed north to trim back a tree that had come down in the gales. Soon the big boys plus their toys arrived and made short work of removing the tree from the cut. The tree had blocked the passage of the dredging barges so Land and Water was relieved to see the canal cleared so quickly and efficiently.

 Tree 2  Tree 4
 Tree 6  Tree 8

In the Hidden Lock site, the majority of the volunteers cleared up much of the debris that had been pulled out of the grid. They retrieved as much good timber as possible, de-nailed it and stashed it away for future use.

 Yard 12  Yard 14
 Yard 6  Yard 2

John and Gareth the Younger assembled shelving in the tool store.

 Shelves 5  Shelves 1

Martin and David took the opportunity to weed the flower beds running alongside the re-routed cycle path.

 Garden 3  Garden 4

Gareth and Terry spent some time with our tractors, both motorised and pedal-powered. There’s nothing like having the right kit for the job!

 Tractor 1  Tractor 5

Chance for a nice cup of tea and cake.

 Tea 2

And finally, a glimpse inside Gordon’s van. Apparently, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Rhys might question the creature comforts!

 Van 1  Van 3