A cold, bright day with the threat of rain so most of the team assembled in Coed Gwilym Park where we tackled a couple of important preparatory jobs and had fun with the kayaks.

Martin, John and Andy met Councillor Rebeca Phillips to discuss the positioning of three “Happy To Chat” benches. Five possible sites were identified, including here at Trebanos Lower Lock. Rebeca is applying for a grant to purchase the benches, so fingers and toes are firmly crossed!

 HTC 5

The big event of the day was the first trial run of Annette’s prototype launching ramp. Simply dragging the canoes and kayaks up and down the concrete slope is physically hard so Annette is developing a ramp that incorporates rollers. Today’s prototype was constructed from plywood and odds-and-ends from the “useful box” but it worked so well that Annette will now make a sturdy metal version.

 Canoe 11  Canoe 9
 Canoe 4  Canoe 13

And now videos of the ramp in action. Clearly a great success.


The first team of labourers worked hard to expose more of the original canal wall. We will be back next week to lay more bags.

 Dig 2  Dig 4

The final task in the park was to clear turf from the entrance to the proposed slipway. Gareth barrowed away the spoil for use in filling any gaps between the towpath and the newly constructed canal wall.

 Slip 2  Barrow 2

Time for tea, where we celebrated Sue’s birthday, Anna and Cerys helped John with the last few crumbs and Whitethorn’s put in a most welcome appearance.

 Tea 6
 Tea 9  Whitethorns

And finally, the dredging went on as we worked. Today should be the last day. We are exceptionally grateful to all the Land and Water staff and to everyone that made possible this phenomenal project.

 Dredge 1  Dredge 3