Today’s forecast was for torrential rain so we decided to postpone cement mixing and bag laying in favour of assorted, important tasks. The first of these regrettably has no photographic evidence – a few volunteers went to Trebanos Locks with a view to inserting fencing poles into the canal alongside the original wall. Unfortunately, the water was high and muddy so not much wall could be found.

Back in the Buried Lock site, there was a boat to scrape clean. It was recently and kindly donated to the Society, but its previous owner apparently had a great liking for thick, hand-applied hull paint. “Are you aluminiuming it my man? No, copper-bottoming it, ma’am” seems as yet a far distant dream.

 Boat 1  Boat 5

Gordon risked life and limb to remove the posts that had been used to help protect the grid from the worst of the debris sent downstream by the dredging.

 Grid 3
 Nicospan 1

Nicospan dutifully retrieved from said posts was carefully rolled up and stored away ready for future use.

Gordon managed to procure Youngman’s boards that may prove helpful to the “Can Do Canoe” project.

 Youngman 2
 Canoe Store 3

In Coed Gwilym Park, the contents of the canoe store were carefully checked in preparation for the canoe & kayak hire that re-starts on Easter Sunday. More trouble returning a pesky throw line to its awkwardly tiny bag.

 Canoe Store 2  Throw Line 1

Time for tea. Our crack team of litter pickers enjoyed a warm brew.

 Tea 3
 Litter 1  Litter 2