A damp and dreary day together with concerns about coronavirus meant that today’s work-party was smaller than usual. Too few of us to continue with the bank repairs but still plenty to do.

Hardcore from the digging out of the temporary by-wash in the Hidden Lock site was barrowed up to Coed Gwilym Park were it will be used as hardcore for the proposed slipway.

 Barrow 1  Barrow 3
 Barrow 4  Barrow 7

The Society has been given a fourteen-seater ex-Royal Marines landing craft that may be suitable for conversion to a small trip boat. Here Gordon is boring in a metal rod that we can use to securely moor the vessel.

 Gordon Screw 1
 Shelves 1

John finished off the recycling of the shelving. Our site office now looks beautifully tidy.

Anna checked a tree that has toppled into the cut just south of Trebanos Locks. The Canal & River Trust will remove it in due course.

 Tree 3
 Tea 3

Time for tea, with everyone keeping a safe distance.

And that folks is it for now. The work parties are suspended for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will miss the hard work and camaraderie but the well-being of our volunteers is paramount. We will be back on parade as soon as it is safe.