This week we continued with baby steps to return to work. Risk assessments, plenty of signage, just a few volunteers, social distancing, regular hand washing so everyone stayed safe.


Monday: Martin and Liz weeded the wild garden in the Hidden Lock site. No photo, but they say it is starting to look good again.


Tuesday: A small group assembled in the Hidden Lock site. Alan painted railings in the area around the grating covering the hidden lock. Gordon and John did some work there too. Gareth put up a new banner on offside bank and Gill, in her own words, did a bit of swanning around.

Ronnie and Mike were in the canoe store, with Annette working on her “Can-Do-Canoe” project.

 Council Yard Tue25July

Wednesday: Ronnie, Mike, Gill and Annette worked in and around the Canoe Store in Coed Gwilym Park. They started by cordoning off the area and maintained social distancing.

Mike and Gill tidied up the garden. The toad was returned to its safe refuge once work was complete.

 Mike Gardening Two 24July
 Gill Gardening Two 24July  Toad 24July

Ronnie concentrated on washing and sanitising the buoyancy aids and helmets.

 Washing The Bouyancy Aids 24July  Washing The Helmets 24July

Annette did further work on her prototype ramp to allow easy access to the water for our less able-bodied canoeists.

 Annette Three 24July  Annette Two 24July

The troops rewarded themselves with a welcome tea break. Everyone brought their own flask, but there was time for a socially distanced chat.

 Tea Two 24July

These three, small work parties over consecutive days achieved a great deal in complete safety. They clearly mark the way forward – more small groups working separately over the next few weeks until restrictions are further lifted and we can return to our full work parties. One day we will be able to eat cake together!