A rather wet day today, but we managed to put out two work parties.

In Coed Gwilym Park, the first group set about clearing the canoe store wall of moss and cement, sweeping and shoveling up dirt and stones from the path surrounding it. Gill washed areas of dirt and the down pipe. With rollers and paint brushes, we covered the wall, adjacent to the canal, using a paint and water wash, ratio of 4 paint to 1 water. We left a gap of 18inches/two foot for black paint, on the bottom. We then started the park side, to complete this, it will need a scaffold or ladder as the apex is too high for our reach.

 Paint1  Paint2
 Paint3  Paint4

Annette adopted a supervisory role and when she saw Gill wavering, she encouraged her with a blast of green ivy from her finger!

 Annette and her finger

Bob was busy on his inflatable dingy, he pulled alongside the new work boat moored over the opposite side to the slipway. Bailing out rain water from it. Then he proceeded to collect rubbish from the off bank.


Meanwhile, the second group were in and around the hidden lock site. Gordon strimmed in the grounds of St. Benedict’s Church, Alan T and John G moved the loo, Gareth the Elder and Alan W (hiding coyly out of shot) cleared the by-wash and, finally, David and John G stood smartly to attention.

 Gordon StB  Move the Loo
 Gareth and AlanW  John and Dave

Another excellent day’s work. Slowly the numbers of volunteers are increasing so hopefully we will back to full strength before too long. Of course, the very necessary social distancing will restrict our activities for some time to come.