A bright, sunny day saw a rather small number of volunteers working at two sites. As usual, we were careful to maintain social distancing so everyone remained safe.

In the Hidden Lock site, Alan T and Peter completed the ramp and then used the wide-tyred motorised wheelbarrow easily remove vegetation that had been cleared from the inlet grid.

 Barrow3  Barrow4

Sue lit a bonfire to burn the wood that had also been removed from the grid but soon had to let the fire die down because our neighbours were drying their washing.

On the way up to the canoe store in Coed Gwilym Park, we spotted Alan W and Mike the Rubbish pointing out the finer points of nature.

 Alan and Mike

Bob was hard at work – having a tea break actually – on covering the large work boat to prevent it from filling with rainwater. Unfortunately, the tarpaulin proved to be a few inches too narrow but Annette offered to provide two pieces that should allow Bob to finish the job next week.

 Boat1  Boat5

Annette combined further fine-tuning of her kayak launch ramp with practicing her German folk dancing technique. Next week, she will be bringing her oompah band!

And finally, Hannah from CRT called in to discuss work plans with Gordon and then walk the length of the canal. Apologies for the shoddy photo and for Anna trying to phot-bomb it.


A fairly quiet day on the cut, but we got quite a lot done whilst all the time staying safe and distant.