This week, your cub reporter was on sick parade, so he is indebted to Ronnie for providing the text and to her and Paul for the photos.

Ronnie writes that following the pattern of the last few weeks, volunteers worked in Coed Gwilym Park and in the Hidden Lock site.

In and around the canoe store in the park, Annette continued working on her frame. a wooden support is installed in the middle with notches to place rollers onto. Struts of blue piping line out the hull shape.

Mike is carefully painting the wording on the Swansea information stone, outside the Heritage Centre. It explains the weights and what was carried on the canal.

Bob continued to waterproof the work boat. He needed to sweep away rain water from its bottom once again. He then placed a larger gazebo cover over it to protect as a temporary measure, until a new tarpaulin is ordered.

Ronnie, much too modest to take a selfie, did gardening, clearing the grass and weeds from the path, and railings. Lastly, a panel needed repair as it was allowing water into our office, John stripped it and made good, watertight now.

 Annette1  Annette2
 Mike1  Mike2
 Bob1  Bob4

We met with many people walking along the towpath, enjoying the sunshine. Whilst we upheld social distancing, we shared a joke. All part of working with and for the community.


Meanwhile, in the site of the Hidden Lock, a large skip has been delivered. Rubbish, leaves and branches collected from the grill, where the water goes into the culvert, had been emptied out into the by-wash and some small piles made on the site. The two Alans, and Pete were shovelling the rubbish into the skip, filling the mechanized wheelbarrow to move larger amounts.

 Grid1  Rubbish2
 Rubbish3  Rubbish1

David moved rubbish from around the top end using his blue wheelbarrow.


And finally, our on-site safety officer, Paul, walked between the site and canoe store, ensuring we were safe and to check if we needed something.

Relatively few volunteers turned out this week but much was achieved whilst always observing social distancing so the public and volunteers all remained safe. Well done everyone.