At the risk of stating the obvious, it was jolly hot today so the volunteers had to pace themselves. We put out three small work parties – a strategy that works well as it makes social distancing rather easier.


The first group was in Coed Gwilym Park. The canoe store is normally given a deep clean in March prior to hire season but CORVID-19 intervened this year, delaying the process until today. Annette, Mike, Cerys and Ronnie set to, with brushes, and cloths. Mice have been busy in the lost property box, holes in everything. Even the squeegee mop was nibbled!

 Store2  Store3

Annette’s frame was measured as the water level can be an issue to its effective use. It will be shorten and tried again.


The second group removed a tree from the cut about 300 metres south of Trebanos Locks. Gordon, Peter, Alan T and John Bryn created a stable platform by strapping together two kayaks. They were able to remove all the branches but the residual stump has been left in place on the steep off-bank as it is supported from the canal bed on two thick branch stubs – cutting either is likely to cause the entire root ball to fall into the canal. It’s a job for the professionals so we have asked CRT for assistance.

 Tree1  Tree5
 Tree4  Tree2

The final work party of Alan W, John G and Andy responded to a reminder from one of our regular dog walkers that the Upper Lock at Ynysmeudwy was in dire need of a tidy. Far too much debris had been left for far too long after last year’s work. They set to to remove pieces of tarpaulin, plastic fencing, pallets, bits of timber and all sorts of other rubbish from in and around the lock. It’s looking much tidier now but, as usual, there is more to be done.

 Lock4  Lock6
 Lock7  Lock9

While Alan and John trailered the rubbish and tools back to base, Andy decided to stay on to bash balsam around the lower lock. He was only just in time as the seed pods are nearly ready to pop. And, of course, there is always more balsam to bash.

 Balsam1  Balsam2

Another very useful day although the heat was oppressive. Worse still, there was no tea and cake to revive us!

And finally, the canoe and kayak hire is opening on Sundays, starting on 16th August. See separate social media posts for full details.