The morning started off with the most dreadful rain so it was hard to decide what to do for the best. Luckily the rain soon stopped so we split into several small groups and attended to various tasks.

Alans T & W started in the heaviest rain by pulling weeds from the cut just north of Clydach Mond Lock.


As the rain eased, The Alans and Peter decided to walk up beyond the Canoe Store to continue with removing debris.

Bob the Boat realised that the tarpaulin over the work boat was never going to be a success so he decided to fit a bilge pump instead. John attached his outboard motor and took Bob and Paul for a wee jolly. No need to use the pump, thank goodness.

 Boat2  Boat5

Gareth the Younger continued the cleaning of the canoe store that had been started last week.

 Store2  Store1

Peter noticed that many branches were overhanging the off-bank, so he recruited Mike to rope together two kayaks to form a stable platform for cutting. They brought the branches across the canal for unloading and disposal by the Alans and Gareth the Elder.

 Cuttings8  Cuttings4

A few patches of Himalayan Balsam were bashed. This might prove to be the last opportunity to do so this year as the seed pods are ripening quickly.

 Balsam1  Balsam3

Ronnie, ably assisted by David, weeded the garden and planted some cuttings that she had grown on over the summer.

 Garden4  Garden3

John the Rubbish walked down from Pontardawe on his first tour of duty since we returned to volunteering. Welcome back, John!


So a day that started off with heavy rain soon improved so we were able to accomplish many useful tasks.