Today started off with the promise of rain but luckily it held off save for some drizzle. The volunteers assembled in the Hidden Lock site and soon split up into small groups.

Ronnie, Martin and Dave worked hard to clear both edges of the new towpath alongside the Hidden Lock.

 Towpath1  Towpath2

Gill and Andy removed a few obstructions from the cut between the Hidden Lock and Coed Gwilym Park. Gordon helped by taking away the heavier logs that had been dragged out.

 Drag1  Drag2

The real excitement was in Coed Gwilym Park. Gareth the Younger got the ball rolling by delivering stone and then, for the first time since lock down, he and Gareth the Elder fired up the cement mixer. Alan and Mike carefully cut a trench and laid the first course of a lovely retaining wall. Gordon was on hand to ensure that no stone was unturned. Order is restored on the canal!

 Wall4  Wall2
 Wall6  Wall10

Bob and John were busy once more on the large work boat. They lashed together the tent pole hoops that Bob had installed last week and then pulled over and secured the tarpaulin. It seems to have worked as Bob decided to move in.

 Boat8  Boat7

More excitement at tea time as drinks and cake were provided for the first time. In order to stay safe, Ronnie (hot water) and Gill (milk) served the tea or coffee and we all have to look after our own mugs. We formed a socially distanced circle as we discussed arrangements for the forthcoming QAVS award presentation.


It was lovely to have David Morgan visit us and to see JAD on parade for the first time. Another relatively small but perfectly formed work day, with the added bonuses of mixing concrete and eating cake!