With local COVID lock down measures in force for the third week in Swansea and in Neath Port Talbot, once again we had to split ourselves into two sections. After some early, heavy rain the weather cheered up so both groups got much good work done.


As for the last few weeks, work was in and around the Hidden Lock site. Gordon and Pete gathered large lumps of furnace slag to build a wall around Martin’s garden.

 Pete2  Gordon2

Gareth the Elder cleared more rubbish that had been dragged from the sluice.


Gareth the Younger seemed to be leaving all the hard work to his elders and betters!

Gill tidied up the site office and then got down to the serious work of distributing home-made corned beef pies and rhubarb & ginger jam.

 Pies2  Pies1


Ronnie, Mike, Alan and Paul continued with clearing the canal wall between Herbert Street and Holly Street bridges. Once the rain eased off, Mike donned his in waders and entered the canal, removing moss ferns and trees growing in the side wall. Paul was on hand to empty out the vegetation from the garden waste bag, as it filled. He also watched out for towpath walkers, runners and cyclists, keeping us all safe.

 Mike6  Paul1

Alan took a spade to the mud on the towpath and placed it on the grass. Then using a patio weeding tool, pulled up weeds from between the edge stones.

 Alan3x  Alan4x 

Ronnie was digging out weeds, clearing the verge, moving tools up to where we were working.


David was cutting overhanging branches and brambles, placing it into gaps.

John arrived with two very large bags of rubbish collected along the towpath.


At tea break, we spotted a beautiful nuthatch. Unfortunately Ronnie wasn’t quick enough to photograph it but she did get a mouse or vole in the reeds. It swam to a hole in the canal wall. Can you spot it?

Another strange day, but the relatively small groups of volunteers achieved much. However, as the threat of a “second wave” looms large, we wonder for how long we will be able to continue with even these reduced work parties?