Today was our first day of volunteering as a group after the end of the firebreak. The removal of travel restrictions meant that we could all meet together again, which we did in Coed Gwilym Park.

Our plan for the day was to leave restoration work to once side in favour of having a bit of fun creating a video Christmas message to thank our friends and supporters. We decided to film Santa delivering his presents by canoe drawn by his reindeer. Here are a few photos of the shenanigans together with three video clips.

The first pair of photos shows two of the stars preparing themselves.

 Santa3  Prep4

Getting ourselves organised proved to be mildly chaotic. Santa’s presents were lashed firmly to Annette’s double canoe, for fear of them being washed away, and everyone clambered aboard.

 Prep6  Prep13
 Prep8  Prep9

Setting sail was even more chaotic. Somehow, the lead elf managed to become detached!

 Sail2  Sail6
 Sail7  Sail8

Even the sculptures joined in the fun.

 Sculpture2  Sculpture4

As did the dogs. Well, they enjoyed the treats but weren’t so keen on the antlers!

 Dogs3  Dogs5

Finally, three videos, including one of Santa handing out presents.


Annette now has the daunting task of editing many, many clips into the finished product. Stand by for the premiere in a few day’s time.

It was so lovely to be able to meet up again. This week was fun: next week the hard graft resumes.