A nice day today weather-wise – warm and sunny with very little rain. The volunteers worked in the Buried Lock site where the principal task was to continue building the wall around Martin’s garden. Gordon and Gareth the Younger were on the mixer. Alan T, Sue, Mike and Andy laid the larger stones while Martin carefully added the capping. Alan W finished up by back-filling with soil. Still a bit to do but one more session should see the job done.

 Mix1  Mix3
 Wall1  Wall11
 Wall5  Wall12

Martin and Alan W started the day by removing leaves from the skip and adding them to the compost pile.


Dave cleared vegetation that was overhanging the towpath.

Gill, Ronnie and Annette did a stock-take in the store room.


Martin and Paul found time for a spot of gardening.

As usual, John and Mike were there to pick up the never-ending trail of rubbish. Anna and Cerys were much more interested in helping Paul with his snack!

 John1  Mike1

Time for a socially distanced cuppa.


All-in-all, a very enjoyable and productive day. Well done everyone.