An unexpected turn of events and the high COVID-19 infection rate in Pontardawe caused a last-minute change of venue for today’s session. The gang assembled in the Hidden Lock site in Clydach and carried on with several tasks. The weather was fair and the rain stayed away.

The biggest event was the arrival of the “Happy To Chat” benches. They are made from recycled plastic yet are exceedingly heavy so manoeuvring them into place was quite an effort. They were quickly put to use and proved to be exceedingly comfy.

These benches were purchased with a grant from the NPTCBC Members Community Fund. When COVID permits, they will be installed along the canal in Trebanos. For the time being, they will be safely stored in our secure depot. The Society is indebted to Councillor Rebeca Phillips for instigating, facilitating and encouraging this project.

 Benches3  Benches8
 Benches5  Benches12

Work continued on the garden wall. Stones were retrieved from the waste pile by Rab, Martin and Pete, the Gareths mixed the concrete, Martin laid the cap stones and Alan, Mike and Sue built the wall.

 Stones3  Stones4
 Mix2  Wall12
 Wall6  Wall10

Always time for gardening! Ronnie, Jacqui and Rab weeded the flower bed alongside the cycle path, John planted hydrangea cuttings and Martin pruned a rampant buddleia.

 Garden6  Garden7
 JAD1  Garden5

Dave, Gareth and Pete pruned ivy from the wall separating the towpath from the church – everything ended up on the compost pile.

 PeterGareth1  PeteGareth3

Gordon sawed some waste timber into usable logs.


John was on rubbish duty, as usual. Mike was there too, but dashed off before he could be immortalised on film.

Time for tea. We are all bringing our own supplies and keeping safely apart. Don’t be fooled by the couples that may seem to be too close.


In many ways, it was a shame that we did not go to Ponty as planned but safety has to come first. We were able to accomplish much in Clydach, so well done everyone!