Martin, our Head Gardener, is learning Welsh. He wrote the following piece as part of his homework:


Grant ‘Hapus i Siarad’.

Mae Rebeca Phillips, Cyngorhydd Trebanos, wedi rhoi ei cyllid cymunedol blynyddol i’r Gymdeithas Gamlas Abertawe. Mae’r Gymdeithas wedi prynu tair mainc gyda’r rhodd hael hon. Mae’r meinciau’n rhan o’r fenter iechyd meddwl ‘Hapus i Siarad’ a oedd yn syniad i Allison Owen-Jones, 53, o Gaerdydd, fel ffordd o frwydro yn erbyn unigrwydd. Mae’r meinciau’n dangos y neges ‘Hapus i Siarad’ ar hyd y gorffwys cefn.

Bydd ein gwirfoddolwyr, gyda chymorth gweithwyr her gymunedol Tai Tarian, yn gosod y meinciau ar hyd y llwybr halio o fewn ffin ward Trebanos pan fydd cyfyngiadau Covid yn caniatáu.

Dyn ni’n yn ddiolchgar i Rebeca Phillips, Cyngor Castell-nedd Port Talbot, cymdeithas dai Tai Tarian ac Second Life Products am eu cefnogaeth a’u haelioni.

Martin Davies,

Dysgwr Cymraeg

Rebeca Phillips, the Trebanos Councillor, has donated her annual community funding to the Swansea Canal Society. The Society has purchased three benches with this generous donation. The benches are part of the ‘Happy to Talk’ mental health initiative which Allison Owen-Jones, 53, from Cardiff, came up with as a way to combat loneliness. The benches show the message ‘Happy to Talk’ along the back rest.

Our volunteers, with the help of Tai Tarian community challenge workers, will install the benches along the towpath within the Trebanos ward boundary when Covid restrictions allow. We are grateful to Rebeca Phillips, Neath Port Talbot Council, Tai Tarian housing association and Second Life Products for their support and generosity.



The Society is very pleased to publish Martin’s excellent piece as we are well aware that our social media should be bilingual. Unfortunately, none of our volunteers are sufficiently confident in Welsh to be able to do this. Can any of our followers help us? With two or more weblogs written most weeks, this would require a significant commitment of 1 – 2 hours per week but should be great fun. Will you step up to the plate?

***** Regrettably, a previous version of this blog post incorrectly named Councillor Phillips as Evans. The Society apologises unresevedly to Councillor Phillips for this unfortunate error. *****