On a bitterly cold morning, the volunteers assembled at two sites. Firstly at the canal that runs alongside Hebron Road, rubbish was collected whilst John effected a repair to the doors on the derelict building.

 Hebron1  Hebron2

At the Hidden Lock site, the hardcore rubbish was used as backfill behind the garden wall, plant material was added to the compost heap and everything else went in the skip.

 Rubbish1  Rubbish2

Dirt and stones were retrieved from the spoil pile, for addition to the garden and its wall.

 Dirt2  Stones1

Martin, Alan and Paul busied themselves in the garden by planting a honeysuckle, pruning and removing stones.

 Gardening5  Gardening7

At tea time we sang Penblywdd Hapus to Paul and Gareth who will soon be celebrating their 50th and 40th birthdays respectively. Can you spot the photo-bombing canines? Always scrounging for food!

 Tea4  Tea6

Mike and Alan were picking litter as only litter pickers can.

 Litter1  Litter2

So the freezing temperature prevented building the garden wall as planned but we found plenty to do to keep warm.

This was the last work party of 2020 due to the high incidence of COVID-19 in Swansea and NPT. Our chairman Gordon took the opportunity to thank the volunteers for all their hard work in this awful year, and treated us to a lovely selfie.

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.