Unfortunately, we are still not permitted to return to our volunteering activities on the canal. Work carries on in the background, including general administration and grant applications, but we are all itching to get back outdoors. Nevertheless, work does carry on, particularly when safety issues have been identified. Recently, Glandŵr Cymru asked us to improve safety at the grid at the north of the Hidden Lock site. This grid prevents debris from entering the pipes and lock. It has to be cleared manually at regular intervals. In response to this request, Gordon removed the scaffolding and engaged the services of a contractor to use spoil from an earlier excavation to refill the excavation behind the grid and firm the ground in preparation for a layer of hardcore that will be tamped in firmly. Finally, safety fences will be erected.

 Dig2  Dig4

The contractor also transported more of the spoil to Coed Gwilym Park and formed it into a base for the extension to the Canoe Store that the volunteers will build as soon as the COVID restrictions are lifted. The lorry & digger did some minor damage to the edges of the road leading to the store, so Gareth and Gordon did a great job in tidying up.

 Base3  Base4

A great job done but let’s hope we are able to get back to proper volunteering in the next few weeks.