The cold and snow did not deter our volunteers this morning. As for last week, they worked in small groups following the rule of “no more than six people from two households”. Five teams set to with gusto. Martin wrote his report in Welsh as well as English.

Cleaning the Clydach Canal Centre / Glanhau Canolfan y Gamlas Clydach

For the second week of small-scale safe working groups, Alan and Martin continued to clear the ground ahead of what will be the new Clydach Canal Centre. Inside the roofless building, Gordon had already lit a bonfire which they tended in his absence. This time he had found an oil drum to use, as the building’s chimney stack was now far too old for large fires. Here Alan attacks the roots of old bushes. Then they burned the roots.

Am ail wythnos gweithgorau diogel ar raddfa fach, parhaodd Alan a Martin i glirio’r tir o flaen yr hyn a fydd yn Ganolfan Camlas Clydach newydd. Y tu mewn i’r adeilad heb do, roedd Gordon eisoes wedi cynnau coelcerth yr oeddem yn gofalu amdani yn ei absenoldeb. Y tro hwn roedd wedi dod o hyd i drwm olew ar gyfer y tân, gan fod pentwr simnai yr adeilad yn rhy hen ar gyfer tanau mawr. Yma mae Alan yn ymosod ar wreiddiau hen lwyni. Yna wnaethon nhw llosgi y gwreiddiau.

 HR Alan Pickaxe


Alan and Martin continued to clear the large amount of rubbish outside the building. They collected two large blue bags of non-recyclable items and two bags of recyclable cans and bottles. The old bed and mattress in the background continues to be a disposal problem for next week!

Parhaodd Alan a Martin i glirio’r swm mawr o sbwriel y tu allan i’r adeilad. Casglon nhw dau fag glas mawr o bethau na ellir eu hailgylchu a dau fag o ganiau a photeli ailgylchadwy. Mae’r hen wely a mattres yn y cefndir yn parhau i fod yn broblem gwaredu ar gyfer yr wythnos nesaf!

 HR Alan Pickaxe Again

Canoe Store, Coed Gwilym Park

Whilst dodging the snow and sleet showers, Mike and Ronnie carried on preparing the boats, equipment, and paperwork, ready for the next season.

Mike drilled out a broken rivet from a single kayak, John G has 5mm replacements. He then continued to check helmets, paddles, throw lines and the safety bike, completing the check lists.

 CS Mike Drilling
 CS Mike Paperwork  CS Mike Bike

Ronnie cleaned shelves, topped up the PPE box, replaced old notices and last year’s insurance.

 CS Checking Box
 CS Kayaks

They lifted and turned six Canadian canoes, which are stored over winter on their gunwales, to prevent buckling.

A coffee break and chats with walkers.

 CS Mike More Paperwork

Hebron Road Store

Gareth and Gill were working on our small work boat Nellie, cleaning her up. They found the name plate so Gareth is repairing and fixing it back on Nellie, ready for her to be taken up to Craigfelin school on Monday morning, where it will form part of the role play area for the Year One topic “Land Ahoy”. The pupils will be learning about different ways of travelling by water.

Hidden Lock Site

Work continued on the flower border wall. As usual Gordon provided the mortar and Alan’s focus was on backfilling with blocks and smaller rocks to widen the structure and support the decorative stone facade. The wall continues to grow, but there’s more to do.

John G was on parade too but he modestly writes “Nothing to report from me as I did virtually no work, simply liaising with Mike and Ronnie at the canoe store, checking out some sticker sizes and discussing some immediate requirements for Hebron Road with Gordon.”

All in all, a very productive day. We hope to be able to resume fully integrated work parties soon, once we are permitted to meet in a group of up to thirty, but in the meantime, the rule of “6 from 2” is working well.