On this bright and sunny morning, the volunteers sorted themselves into small groups and headed off to various points along the canal.

Clydach Canal Centre

Gordon arrived early to start the bonfire while Martin cleared the litter and old roots from the front of the building. All the roots are now being burned inside the building. After Gordon had left to supervise the other groups, Martin was joined by Gareth on his bike who lifted previously immovable stubborn roots at an amazing rate. All of these were taken to the bonfire.

With three more bags of litter left for the Swansea refuse team, both the inside and outside of the Old Timber Yard are looking so much better.


Hidden Lock Site

Young Gareth was on cement mixer duty as Alan continued his wall building. One section has reached its final height, ready to receive capping stones at a later date.

Paul worked tirelessly to apply a much-needed coat of Creosote to the compound gates. David made a welcome return to the workforce and headed up the towpath with his trusty loppers to hunt out overhanging branches and other towpath obstructions.

Canoe Store

As we arrived at the canoe store, remembering to book in with our time clerk Gill, two small birds flew at speed to the nesting box. Ronnie poised with her phone, waiting for them to fly out and managed to catch this image. We have nesting Blue Tits.


Mike and Mark brought two kayaks through the park, adding to the fleet.

Ronnie pulled out signage, seats, and information boards, sweeping up and washing down the frames and doors. Annette joined us to measure the width and edge for her riggers/floats to fix to the canoes, adding stability. The buoyancy aids were checked over and brushed. The inspection form was filled in by Mike.

John stopped to say hello. He’d walked along the towpath all the way from Pontardawe, picking up litter.


Tidying the overhanging bushes, cutting back small branches is Dave. After coffee he set about with a grab fork, pulling weed and branches from the canal.

So, that completed another very successful day of small-team working. The good news is that larger assemblies of people outdoors will be allowed on 27th April so we should be back to near-normal very soon.