Nellie” is on a short holiday indoors, as a guest from April 2021 in the classroom of Year 1 at Craigfelen Primary School, Clydach.

Nellie” has enjoyed her time it seems, for example providing the children with the opportunity to learn how to book boat trips, and go on these trips, even if they never leave the room except in their imaginations. They have also used her to perform “rescues” and learn all about the use of winches. “Nellie’s” story on the canal has been explored and they have learnt about how canals differ from rivers. The children have been learning to cooperate in all these activities and “Nellie” has offered them the opportunity and the stage to learn how to solve problems together as a team.

Follow up activities are planned in school and with the children walking the towpath to experience the canal at first hand and also hopefully see “Nellie” at work when she returns from her holiday to the water later in the term.

 NellieMay2  NellieMay1