Gill writes this charming insight into life on the canal:

Last Friday, as I cycled with my grandchildren along the Swansea Canal towpath close to the back of St Vincent’s Church in Clydach we were enthralled to watch the moorhen family of four chicks with their parents nesting together near the steel grid taking the canal underground for a few hundred yard. The parents were busy feeding the chicks in the nest from their beaks back and forth tirelessly. One brave chick decided to search himself in the canal , Mum following him.

We wondered about the safety of the nest so close to the fast flow and thought about the high winds and rain forecast next day on Saturday. Returning on Sunday a much calmer day we found the nest gone, but parents were busy building another sturdy nest quite further away from the grid. Only two chicks were around this time. A local gentleman sitting in his garden close to the canal told us the moorhens often produced another clutch of eggs. He also thought the chicks were about two weeks old.

So fascinating to see the care of offspring by devoted parents providing food and shelter to their young, a bond with the natural world that all creatures and humans commonly share. This was a indeed a special insight.”