Twenty-five volunteers turned out on this mild and mostly dry day. We met in the Hidden Lock site and then dispersed to tackle the day’s tasks.

More weed was dragged from the canal upstream of Clydach Mond Lock, Anna and Cerys lending a paw, and last week’s piles were transported to the compost heap.

 Weed1  Weed6
 Weed9  Compost2

Mike removed more of the tree that fell into the cut upstream of Coed Gwilym Park in the gales of last Thursday. A couple of large boughs remain underwater and will require a boat and the heavy mob to remove them but there is already a way through for canoes and kayaks.


Ronnie and Sue cleared the flower bed outside the canoe store in Coed Gwilym Park. A friendly robin made sure there was no slacking.

 Fbed1  Fbed3

Bob and John G continued to install rings that will be used to moor the skiff. The large work boat made a useful and stable work platform.

Martin and Kath continued to work on the wildflower garden in the Hidden Lock site. The red flowers are Red Valerian which will be a great source of nectar for Small Tortoiseshell butterflies which are attracted especially to the colours violet and red.

Their caterpillars are currently munching their way through the nettle patch about six feet away so they won’t have far to fly when the lucky ones emerge from the chrysalis.


Time for tea, cake and a chat. As usual, the dogs were conscientious in clearing up the crumbs.

Competition corner. Clockwise from top left, (a) who popped in to watch us today, (b) whose legs are these up the ladder, (c) whose wet legs are these and (d) who is the mystery owner of this buoyancy aid? Answers in the “Comments” section, please.

 Alan Titchmarsh  Legs1
 Legs2  Tea3

Another cracking day with an enormous amount of work done. And the weather was kind, other than a sharp shower at the end of the session.