A gloriously sunny and hot day saw the volunteers split into two groups. One half was in Pontardawe, continuing to clear the cut between Herbert Street and Holly Street bridges. The other half was in Coed Gwilym Park where there was no cruising for Clydach Men (and Women) Shed, no sir. They donned their buoyancy aids, grabbed their paddles and, after a dry run to practice getting in and out of the canoe using our adaptions and a briefing, took to the canoes eager to surf Swansea Canal, and did they paddle! With fun and laughter they paddled one mile to Trebanos locks and a mile back to Coed Gwilym Park enjoying the scenery and novelty.

Most used Canadian canoes joined together to form a sturdy raft carrying six sailors each and a combined age of over 400 years, howzat! Some braver souls took out single kayaks and excelled themselves!

The Swansea Canal Society loved their enthusiasm and we all enjoyed a coffee and cake afterwards. So what’s the next adventure folks?

 MS1  MS3
 MS9  MS12

Annette took some video of the doughty sailors.


Meanwhile, between the bridges in Pontardawe, the volunteers tidied up the piles of pond weed from last week and carried on clearing. Hard work in the hot sun, but well worth the effort.

 Weed14  Weed16
 Weed4  Weed5
 Weed11  Weed7

John Owen Jones was hard at it for the third week running. He reckons the mud works wonders for his complexion.

 JJ4  JJ5

Nature Corner: Just a few facts to go with Martin’s ‘breakthrough’ ladybird photo, taken in the Buried Lock garden. The seven spotted ladybird is in the middle of the picture. It is very common. The ladybirds at the top and bottom seem to have 18 spots. They are all native species which is good news as if you see a black winged harlequin ladybird other ladybirds would would be in big trouble. They eat aphids but they also eat the larva of native species. Introduced in 2004, they are the fastest spreading invasive species in the UK.

The volunteers worked really hard in this hot weather but were able to have fun too. We hope that the (Wo)Men’s Shed visitors enjoyed themselves and come back soon.