For the first time in quite a while, all the volunteers worked together on one site – the recently acquired buildings and surrounding land on Hebron Road. This will eventually be the Clydach Canal Centre but the first task was to clear the site. The morning started off with a couple of heavy showers that soon passed and left us slaving away in heat and humidity. The tasks, in no particular order, included:

Compost was dumped in a low-walled space in order to start the process of creating a wild flower garden.


Alan pulled weeds from the Stone Barge.

Behind the building, Gareth used a brush cutter to great effect while Isaac and Rhys trimmed back new growth on an old willow stump. Next week we will chip these trimmings and spread them on the ground to enrich the soil and help suppress weeds.

 HR8  HR10

The biggest task was to remove trees that were growing on the canal bank. Gordon put his chainsaw to good use and the rest of the gang cut up the felled branches and fed them through the chipper.

 HR15  HR12

Inside the building, Kath and Ronnie tried to remove the debris but it soon became clear that they were fighting a loosing battle so we decided to hire a skip next week and dump everything in it.


Nick, our newest master baker, treated a couple of poles that Gordon will transform into drag forks.

Time for a break and a chat. Delicious cakes and cookies were baked by Alan, Nick and Rhys.


It was really nice to have everyone together for a busy day in pleasant weather. The site is much improved but we will be back next week to complete the task.