A glorious, sunny day saw a fantastic turnout of volunteers working at three sites. Most volunteers were in Coed Gwilym Park where the biggest job was to repair wash holes. Gordon, Alan W and John Owen mixed the the concrete and filled the bags. Bob plus Isaac and Rhys transported the bags along the towpath. Alan and John Owen dug out the wash holes and laid the bags. This was a return to one of our favourite tasks, and the end product looks magnificent.

 WH1  WH2
 WH5  WH7
 WH11  WH0

Sue pulled some weed.


Dave cut back vegetation.

John A and Mike were busy collecting rubbish.

 Rubbish4  Rubbish1

Elsewhere, John G and Sue worked at the Clydach Canal Centre hanging the information panels and painting the door.

 Signs3  Signs4
 Door1  Door4

Martin (can you spot him) worked in the garden in the Hidden Lock site. He planted two of four holly trees that Anne, a friend of Mike and Ronnie, kindly donated. He hopes they take root as they will be good for the privacy of the residents of Capel Road. As it is, he is constantly overlooking the weekly wash and the shed interiors of several families whilst being persistently barked at by a French bulldog.


The entire gang met in the park for tea. The bakers this were Yun Yun and Rhys. Mark Evans, CRT, joined us for a cuppa.


Gordon was pleased to chat to Clive, who recently agreed to become our President. He brought with him a small part of his vast archive of the Swansea Canal that we hope to load to our website.

A very busy day in lovely weather. Much was achieved by our gang of willing volunteers. It is so lovely to see a return to near-normality.