Volunteers met on a dull morning in Coed Gwilym Park, their numbers slightly depleted by summer holidays and family commitments. However, we were very pleased to welcome two new volunteers – David and Helen.

The vols soon set about the main task of the day, repairing wash holes in the canal bank, continuing where work left off last week. Aled, Alan W and Pete ran the mixer, Andrew barrowed the cement bags to the worksites, and Alan T and new volunteer David set the bags in the cleaned out wash holes. Four holes have now been repaired and the bank reinstated.

 Mix3  Mix2
 Andrew1  Laying1

Ronnie and Helen bashed an ever-growing patch of Himalayan Balsam near the golf course and Ronnie, Paul and David tirelessly cut back branches and pruned bushes encroaching on the towpath.

 Vegetation2  Vegetation1

Andrew brought capping stones from the Hidden Lock site and Mike used up surplus mortar to set them on the dwarf stone wall near the canoe store, finishing a job that was started two years ago!

 CopingStones6  CopingStones1

Martin continued to tend to the garden by the canoe store.


We also welcomed our architect Patrick, who discussed plans for the Buried Lock site and the Coed Gwilym Park slipway with Gordon and John G, making good progress on key elements of our development proposals for those areas. The mid-morning break was a chance for a get-together and a chat over a cuppa.

 Patrick1  Tea4
 Shield Bug

Kath found this delightful shield bug on brambles next to the canal.

It was another successful day, and the weather stayed fair to the end. Further work on the canal banking is planned for next week.

No sooner had Ronnie and Mike finished their exertions with the work party than they were busy preparing for a canoe afternoon with Us Girls. She Paddles are responsible for organising this using the SCS equipment. Martin had a chance to chat to Fran and Jade from Canoe Wales and She Paddles as they prepared for the event. About 16 to 20 girls will be using the canoes and Fran and Jade will be their instructors. The Friends of Coed Gwilym Park will be providing refreshments for the canoeists.

This event demonstrates how successful the Canoe hire project is at Coed Gwilym Park. Ronnie, Mike and all the canoe volunteers deserve so much thanks for the burgeoning and varied diary of events there.


And finally, your cub reporter was self-isolating so this blog is entirely the work of Alan T, Martin and Paul. Thanks guys!