The volunteers were greeted by warm and sunny weather as they arrived in Coed Gwilym Park. They were soon hard at work on a variety of tasks.

A length of sand bags laid previously was capped with a mosaic of sandstone. Aled, Gordon, Nick and Peter mixed the concrete. Peter transported it to the work site, ably assisted by Rhys. Andy and Sue split bags to line the shuttering. Alan and Dave expertly positioned the stones. Don’t they look lovely?

 Mix4  Deliver3
 Deliver2  BagSplit1
 Lay1  Lay Done

Elsewhere, Andy bashed a bit more balsam. Possibly a bit too late as some of the seed pods were beginning to pop.


Bob cleared the bank of brash that was overhanging the large workboat.

Later, he and Rhys took a trip in his fantastic electric powered vessel, but progress was severely restricted by Canadian pond weed that repeatedly became entangled in the propeller.


Mike, Kath & Helen roped together two canoes to create a stable platform to access the off-bank so that they could cut back overhanging branches.

Dave trimmed back bramble with his usual dedication and good humour.


Martin trimmed the grass outside the canoe store.

Ronnie trimmed the grass on the canal bank.


Helen & Kath cut back yet more brambles.

John walked from Pontardawe, collecting rubbish along the way.


Gordon used fibreglass and epoxy resin to repair splits in two of the canoes.

Time for a drink, a cake and a chat. This week, the bakers were Ronnie & Rhys.


Another very successful day, with much achieved. Well done everyone!