With funds now in place thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Swansea Canal Society funding officers, work restarted at the Clydach Buried Lock site to open up the new canal channel to bypass the buried lock, leaving the lock dry enough for work to to be started on its restoration. The spoil was taken to Coed Gwilym Park where it will form the base of the towpath diversion to accommodate the slipway.


The contractors from Cwm Nant Lleici, Ynysmeudwy brought the heavy plant and lorry into the Buried Lock site in the early morning and dug six feet down starting upstream and working down the slope.

Once the spoil from the digger has filled the lorry, Wayne is ready to take the load down to the site of the towpath diversion behind the Canoe Store. Nothing will be wasted.


The channel cut is now 15 foot wide by about 7 foot deep.

After 10 or more loads, the last lorry load reaches Coed Gwilym Park. Wayne’s nephews, Daniel and Daryl, will tamp it down and roll it flat.

When the base is complete the path will be tarmacced.


Lots more to do, but it is so gratifying to see both projects well underway.