Today’s volunteers met as a single work party at our new building in Hebron Road. With the weather looking very promising, painting was the order of the day.

A high breeze block wall at one end of the area has been chosen for a mural which will one day depict a canal scene from days gone by. The wall was overgrown with ivy and other greenery, so Martin, Bob and others set about snipping and stripping until the face was cleared. With the Cofiwch Dryweryn sign protected by plastic sheeting (it will be incorporated into the mural) Steve, Pete and Alan W applied a primer coat of grey paint. David barrowed away the chopped up trimmings and a pile of branches previously felled.

 Wall2  Wall1
 Wall5  Wall6
 Dave1  Wall3

Meanwhile the area adjacent to the front wall was also cleared by Gareth the Elder (see more below!), Gill, Steve and Andrew – bricks and stones to a pile in the corner and brambles and weeds to a heap behind the building.

 Clear1  Clear6

Toby and Dai did some useful strimming and raking on the area around the stone barge.


Tea break was as usual a pleasant time for a cuppa and a chat, made extra special today by a smashing chocolate cake to celebrate Gareth the Even Elder’s 80th birthday – we wish him many happy returns!

 Tea1  Tea5Birthday

In the period after tea Kath completed weather-proofing joists that will be used in expanding canoe storage facilities in Coed Gwilym Park. Gordon and John G popped in several times, having attended planning meetings at the Mond and Hidden Lock sites.

As work drew to a close the site looked much improved and much tidier. A small team will return next week to complete the wall painting, while the main focus will be elsewhere. It was another day of hard and dusty work, but with visible results and positive outcomes.