Today proved to be unremittingly wet, with driving rain interspersed with torrential downpours. The first decision was to abandon all hope of finishing painting the wall at the Clydach Canal Centre so the volunteers met at Trebanos Locks and spent a few minutes wondering what to do for the best.


Eventually, we decided to press on, in the misguided belief that the rain would ease off. We tackled a patch of the canal immediately downstream of Bridge 4. This photo was taken by Mike a few days ago – it shows the task ahead.

And these photos show the volunteers hard at work in the pouring rain. Cheery smiles from Steve and Ronnie brightened the day no end.

 Clear11  Clear10

Alan W ventured into the chamber of the Lower Lock to cut brambles. Best not ask what Health & Safety would have to say!

Needless to say, Anna & Cerys joined in enthusiastically. Anna found a ball so the girls had great fun and didn’t notice the rain.


Time for tea and a chat. The bakers were Alan & Jan W – the cakes were delicious but perhaps Water Biscuits would have been more appropriate!

After tea, we decided that the weather had got the better of us, but Mike’s final photo shows what had been achieved in a couple of very wet hours. You don’t have to be mad to volunteer on the Swansea Canal, but it helps!