The forecast for today was rather poor so, as for last week, we decided to postpone the painting of the Clydach Canal Centre. All the volunteers assembled at the Ynysmeudwy Locks, anxiously staring at the sky. Luckily we need not have worried as we enjoyed a very pleasant autumnal morning with just a couple of showers. We tackled a two tasks:

One group, consisting of Martin, Pete, Gill, Toby, Alan W and both Daves, cleared the vegetation around the lengthsman’s hut.

 Clip4  Clip3

The second group, of Andrew, Andy, Gareth, Steve, Sue, John G and Alan T, dragged weed from the cut just upstream of the Lower Lock. Anna kept us all in order.

 Dredge5  Dredge1

Time for a welcome break for refreshments and the chance to chat. As usual, Anna and Cerys were at the front of the queue for cake.


After tea, Toby cleared a stone path from the hut to the lock. The scribble shows the problem with graffiti in the area.

John A was on litter duty, as usual.


Paul proudly modelled his new fleece. Very smart!

Everyone worked hard on the pair of very physical tasks and achieved a great deal in decent weather. It was particularly to rewarding to have our efforts recognised by passers-by.

Thanks are due to Martin and Paul, who took most of this week’s photos.