Today’s weblog is commendably brief: We went to Ynysmeudwy Locks, pulled out yet more weed and got very wet!

The rain was relentless, varying only a little in intensity, but nevertheless the volunteers seemed to have fun. We continued to drag vegetation and silt from the pound between the locks. Regrettably, Gordon’s magic dredger could not be found so we had to press on with drag forks.

 D2  D3

Of course, there was time for drinks, cake and chat although this too was in the rain.

Possibly not the most enjoyable day ever but the volunteers, in typical style, soldiered on magnificently. So much material was removed that the canal and by-wash are flowing freely once again. And the volunteers didn’t seem to mind getting soaked and muddy. All part of the fun, but let’s hope for better weather next week.

Thanks to Paul Rapsey for taking the photos.