Today proved to be warm and, mercifully, rain free. A fantastic turnout of volunteers set to on a variety of tasks in and around the Hidden Lock site.

The main business of the day was a meeting between Gordon & Alan T, representing the Society, and Morgan Cowles & Hannah Booth of the Canal & River Trust to give the Society a most welcome Health and Safety update and to ensure our procedures are adequate & in place.

Here we see Alan T conducting a preliminary check to ensure the site was safe and secure.

 Bob Rewire

And Bob did a quick job of rewiring so that the Site Office could have power.

Annette worked hard on her astounding paddle craft. She and Sue added the chains connecting the foot cranks to the paddle.

Apologies for the noise of the generator in the video – the craft is truly pedal-powered and does not have a secret motor.

Although there is more work to be done, the mechanism clearly works. Annette’s “Access For All” / “Can Do Canoe” projects are fantastic and so important.


Alan W and Pete cut back the rampant willow growth around the lock itself. Now we can see what’s what!

 Brash1  Brash2

Dave cut the brash, mostly buddleia, growing through the fencing alongside the towpath.


Aled and Pete moved topsoil ready to enrich the garden.

 Dirt3  Dirt2

Kath and Martin worked on the garden, giving it a much needed tidy. They were pleased and surprised to find several plants still in bloom.

 Garden2  Garden5

Garden6RedValerianRed Valerian. A real gem as it has been flowering from June to October.

Garden6BorageBorage. A spring flowering self seeding annual but such has been the mildness of this autumn that it has self seeded in six months.

Garden6FoxAndCubsFox and Cubs. Completely self -sown and resplendent in vivid orange. A native plant.

Garden6HebeA hebe kindly donated to the garden by Ronnie and Mike and flourishing.


Gill showed Annette and Sue some photos that she had taken on a recent visit to Abercraf, the source of the canal. They will prove invaluable in the “225 in 2023” celebrations.

Gareth and Steve cleaned and tidied the equipment store. What a transformation!

 Shed1  Shed3

Gordon encouraged the tractor to spring into life after a very long lay-up.


John G continued Alan T’s work to tidy the trailer. At long last, we can now easily find our tools. “A place for everything and everything in its place”.

Andy and Sue emptied the open sided trailer of the rubbish removed from Ynysmeudwy last week. The timber to the pile and the rubbish to the skip.


Time for a drink, cake and the chance to chat. This week’s baker was Gill – there were so many volunteers on parade, not a single crumb was left!

Wow, what a busy day. Hannah was surprised and impressed by the number of volunteers and what they achieved in a few hours. Well done everyone.