Quite a cold start to the day today – the first frost of the winter – but nothing could discourage the volunteers. And we were joined by two new recruits, Chris and Jamie. Gill & Annette went to Abercraf to continue their research for the “225 in 2023” celebration. The rest of the volunteers split into two groups that amalgamated in time for tea.

Painting the wall at the Clydach Canal Centre was completed, making it ready for the mural of a canal bridge, horse and barge to be created. Alan W was asked to pick out the person who stole his litter picker. The usual suspects, of course; Mike, Kath, Toby and Martin lined up in front of the finished wall. Martin chose an authentic nineteen-fifties Department of Employment trainee carpenter’s overall and hob nailed boots to get into the period feel.

 Paint4  Paint3

The rest of the volunteers worked in and around the Hidden Lock Site. The first question was “How many people does it take to start a tractor?”. Sadly, more than three! Better luck next week.


Dave continued the task of removing vegetation from the wall running alongside the towpath.

Most of the volunteers pulled weed from the cut. Andy & Sue worked upstream of the site whilst the majority – Chris, Jamie, Mike F, Gareth and Steve – were upstream of the Clydach Mond lock. Ronnie swept the towpath. Just look at the phenomenal amount of weed! The piles need to be left for a while so the wildlife can return to the water. They will be taken eventually to the compost heap.

 Weed4  Weed6

Time for a welcome break. The day had warmed up nicely by this time.


After tea, Kath and Martin worked on the garden. They planted donations from Alan W as well as removing the dead vegetation.

A chilly day, but the volunteers soon warmed up. It was lovely to welcome Chris and Jamie, particularly as one of them is below pensionable age! Well done everyone.