A very cold start to the day but hard work soon warmed up all the volunteers. Most of the work was at Ynysmeudwy Locks, but the engineers started off elsewhere.

At the Hidden Lock site in Clydach, Bob and Alan T focussed on fettling the two non-running outboard motors that came with our latest boat. Life has yet to be breathed into them, but hopes are high for one at least and the guys won’t be putting away their spanners and screwdrivers until all avenues have been exhausted!


At Ynysmeudwy, while Gordon set up his pulley system, the volunteers descended upon a fallen tree like a plague of locusts. Using only loppers and hand saws, they soon had it stripped back to the biggest of trunk and branches that will need a chain saw to cut them up.

 Tree2  Tree4

Once the pulley system was up and running, it was used to drag yet more vegetation from the pound between the locks. Still more to do, so we will be back next week.

 Drag9  Drag8

Sharon and Martin cleared grass from the sleepers edging the canal. This will ensure that the edge is clearly visible and less of a slip hazard.


Time for a most welcome drink plus delicious cakes baked by Ronnie.

Another very productive day, despite the chilly start. Back next week for more fun in the mud.