There was a bit of mist in the air this morning but no real rain and mercifully much warmer than over the weekend. The volunteers met at the Ynysmeudwy Locks and soon were stuck in to a variety of tasks.


First up, Dave L donned his full chain saw safety gear and deftly reduced the fallen tree to logs that Pete & Sue carried away and piled up neatly.

Most of the volunteers worked on pulling weed from the cut downstream of the locks. This proved to be tricky because of the obstructions made by several fallen trees and the fact that the water irises are hard to remove with drag- and throw-forks. Back next week with a boat!

 Weed5  Weed11

Elsewhere, Martin and Alan W cleaned the muck and grime off the tow path side safety railings round Upper Ynysmeudwy Lock. Some water, a rag, a little washing up liquid and sheer brute force was all that was required. The railings will not be pristine white without a coat of paint but at least they have now moved from the dingy grey spectrum to a speckled off-white. Martin also made a grand job of revealing the steps leading up to the lock and Dave G did great work cutting away brambles and overhanging branches.

 Martin2  Dave1

Tea time with cake and chat. Annette and Gill joined us after completing another “225 in 2023” visit to finish filming.

After tea, the gang pulled the rather more accessible weed from the canal upstream of the locks.

 WeedToby1  WeedUp1

Another successful morning. Hard work, good weather and delicious cake surrounded by chums – what could be better?